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OC87 screened at the International OCD Foundation conference on July 15, 2010.

Audience members included people with OCD, family members, and mental health professionals. OC87 Director Bud Clayman fielded questions from the IOCF audience about the challenges of not only making the documentary, but also being its principal subject.

Jonathan Grayson, PhD, who is featured in OC87, was there to elaborate on Buddy’s experiences with OCD and Asperger’s. Later in the week, Dr. Grayson received IOCF’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Buddy’s Asperger’s consultant, Cathy Grayson, MA, was also at the screening and responded to questions about Buddy’s use of “coping cards.” Throughout the film, OC87 shows Buddy utilizing a number of coping techniques that help him navigate everyday situations.

San Francisco newscaster and author Jeff Bell reunited with Buddy at the screening. Jeff’s journey with OCD is profiled in OC87, and he remains active in mental health public awareness activities.