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When Bloomfield College screened OC87 for psychology and nursing students, they gave it “two thumbs up” – here are some of their comments:

“OC87 expanded my vision and understanding of mental illness. Now I realize that there is hope and help – these are vital recognitions.”

“This film brought me into the experience of mental illness to see (and to feel) the potential to adjust, adapt, and grow.”

“It wasn’t just another boring educational film — OC87 gave me an insider’s perspective of a person’s mental health struggles and how he copes.”

“…provided me with in-depth insight and a fresh perspective about OCD and Asperger’s, their severity, as well as pathways to recovery.”

“Before watching OC87, I didn’t realize the intensity of the thoughts associated with OCD, the social challenges of Asperger’s, nor the level of regret and disappointment that accompanies them.”

“Very interesting and enlightening – Bud is courageous for making this film!”